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Top 6 Academic Guidance Websites in Pakistan, leading students to shape their career

Top 6 Academic Guidance Websites in Pakistan, leading students to shape their career

Do you think after all these years of education something is missing? That you could’ve done better? Do you feel that what you do is not what you want? Are you confused about which field would suite you or which institute to go to? Are you in the dark about the merit list or the admission deadline? Do you feel like you’re in the wrong road, wrong field or the wrong profession?

Pakistan is the land of prodigies and brilliant minds. After trend of digital markting, number of entrepreneurs launched education guidence platforms which changed the dynamics of internet surfing for student. They give their youth various educational websites to choose from. There is an Arfa Karim, Haris Khan, Babar Shah in everyone. And these educational sites help you discover the prodigy inside of you and nurture it.

In the race of many, only a few of Pakistan’s educational websites stands strong is terms of service and information. The top websites that will help you figure out the better future, the more suitable profession and the perfect degree for you.

1. Eduvision

Eduvision is Pakistan’s first educational consulting organization providing quality career planning services and systemized educational guidance to the students and parents since 2001.Eduvision is Pakistan’s First Comprehensive Career Planning program was introduced in 2001. More than 90,000 students benefited through our Seminars, Workshops and one-to-one Counseling. It also holds Pakistan’s Largest and most reliable Educational Information system. The system is serving More than 700,000 students and parents every month. Eduvision also provides the students with academic Support program includes Scholarships for deserving students, Co-curricular activities and lectures of renowned national and international scholars for Post-Grad students. Eduvision is working for the support and greatness of its motherland and its youth.
Traffic Rank in (.edu.pk): 1st
Traffic Rank in Pakistan: 150

2. Ilm Ki Dunya

Ilm Ki Dunya” is among the largest educational websites of Pakistan providing all sorts of information for students and teachers. Ranging from educational articles and past papers to various admission schedules, exam date sheets and result information, this website has got it all. With 3482 vacancies added in the last thirty days, this website is a full package of information and service. Service centers, counseling sessions and professional advices on which course to choose and which career to follow. Helping u figure out which university would work best for you. With study notes and tuition centers, model papers and educational organization. 

Traffic Rank in Pakistan: 22

3. GoTest.pk

Known for experienced in providing top notch educational information and job opportunities to potential students of Pakistan, gotest.pk is among the pioneering educational websites of Pakistan. With its personality tests, IQ test, and interview they figure out the hidden talents of students and discover the type of education the student mind set leans to. Gotest.pk works with the students and provide them with all the essentials they need to make a decision for their better and bright future.
Traffic Rank in Pakistan: 130

4. Ilm.com.pk

Ilm.com.pk is a platform for students who are looking for proper guidelines regarding their studies and career. The website provides complete career opportunities and learning skills to thousands of potential students of Pakistan. They offer scholarships to the worthy. They offer course lectures for the better understanding for the students. With job vacancies and the opportunity for the students to study abroad and open the gates of success for them. To hold their hands and lead them to the road of success. Working for a better future and leading one to the right profession.

Traffic Rank in Pakistan: 130

5. Sabaq.pk

This one may have been a new competitor in the market but it’s getting there fast. Providing its visitors with all the required information ranging from educational blogs to online video lectures, sabaq.pk is also a potential website to go through. No matter where u belong from or for what you are studying for saqab.pk helps students to understand and comprehend their education. No matter what grade or school. It also provides you guidance and understanding of any national exam and prepare you to ace them.
Traffic Rank in Pakistan: 748

6. Kitaab.com.pk

Ranging from technology and education to job openings and marketing opportunities, kitaab.com.pk has got something for everyone. The main focus of this website has always been to help its visitors and provide them with the best solutions regarding education. In the world of digitalization, old school is still not dead. Providing jobs in newspaper agencies and companies, providing jobs in general for those who need it.

Traffic Rank in Pakistan: 6021

In the world of digitalization and technology, Pakistan does not stays behinds and provide its student community with all the necessities that they require through the means of internet, spreading their message far and wide in order to find who you truly are. A professional guidance platform where they can unfold their talents and recognize their capabilities. A platform that puts their troubled minds at rest and peace, away from the confusion of different opinions and options. To figure if you are a good doctor or perhaps the profession of arts suit you better. Do you make a great business tycoon or a successful lawyer or perhaps even the greatest writer? It’s only a matter of finding who you truly are and these sites are a beacon of hope for you. The youth of Pakistan, the future of the nation.


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