Social Media Services - Hashage | Digital, Social Media Advertising Agency
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Creative Strategy Creation

We best foster to ensure concepts & strategies within strong understanding of the situation, the market, the audience and the channels to be used for.  We develop multiple creative concepts to determine which one resonate best with your audience.

Digital Community Management

We take care of the community management of any social network (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) of small and big companies for both local and international. We know how to better flourish and manage your online presence to the targeted audience.

Campaign Management

Simply designed, a successful social media campaign, utilizing one or more social media channels Fcebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, to let ; Promote Products, increase sales, build brand awareness and drive traffic to website.

Digital Marketing Training

We are a digitized bunch and know exactly how to train into the area of digital marketing by offering training skillets like strategy development, advertising management, community management, effective content creation, social media handling, branding.

Targeted Advertisment

We believe in more efficient trends to grab your targeted audience. It’s not only time saving but cost effective to let customize what you want and to whom it should be reached. We are offering targeted advertisement. Let’s connect where it has to cherished!

Digital PR

Monitor and Influence the target audience positively because what people are saying about your brands on social sites matters a lot and it would save your brand in a chaotic digital landscape.