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Ramadan Social Media Campaigns of Top 10 NGOs in Pakistan

Pakistan is known for a place of diverse cultures and traditions. So, different yet so close together. And what keeps us so closely tied is the passion of helping others. According to Govt. of Pakistan, Non-Profit Sector in Pakistan raised 550 Billions PKR through donations in last year. Ramadan is the peak month of collecting Zakat & other charties. So, Non-Profit Organizations (NGOs) focused on this month and launch fundraising campaigns every year nationwide.

Here are digital marketing campaigns of top NGOs of Pakistan.

1. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital

Shaukat khanum started its campaign “Zindagi Ka Safar Kahi Adhoora Na Reh Jaye”, to motivate people to not lose hope and continue to live happily. It is using all digital marketing tools to get donations for Cancer donations with target of 7 Billion budget this year.

2. Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan (AKF)

Alkhidmat foundation launched its Ramadan campaign in 2 phases. In first 15 days of Ramadan, call of donations for orphans has been made. Using all social media platforms, Alkhidmat also launched twitter campaigns on daily basis for a week and #DonateToAKF was top trend in Pakistan.

Posted by Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan [Official] on Thursday, April 18, 2019

In 2nd phase, “Aaye Mil Kar Sanwarain Tharparkar” campaign launched and all of its social sites’ profile photos and cover videos changed to Thar Relief Project. Moreover, Alkhidmat updated its website design to generate more online donation leads.

3. Akhuwat

Akhuwat Foundation with 1.5 Million Facebook Likes is on 2nd number. Akhuwat launched its campaign “Apna Maqam Paida Kar” to make business dreams of young mind into reality. Akhuwat focused on Facebook Campaign as well as print & electronic media advertisment.

4. The Citizen Foundation

TCF always comes up with creative social media campaign strategy. TCF launched a campaign “Mery Bhi Kuch Khawab Hain” to support girl’s education. To collect charity and use it and turn it into educational opportunities for girls, they focused to drive online donations via website. Moreover, TCF being partner of Careem Pk, comes up with giving Umrah ticket to Careem user, who donated for TCF via Careem App.

5. Sundas Foundation

Sundas foundation launched a campaign promoting blood donation for the ones who lack in that sector. They promote people to donate and be part of the greater good by saving countless lives by money and blood both. Creative team of Sundas Foundation used a blood drop as shape in its cover photo.

Here is list of top 5 fastest growing facebook page likes in the month of Ramadan 2019.

6. Chippa Foundation

By focusing just on Facebook, Chippa updated its facebook page cover with its campaign slogan, “Ramzan main Ramzan Chippa ka Sath Dain”.


7. Ghazali Education Trust

Gazali Education Trust (GET) launched a campaign “Zakat Dain Farawani Sy, Taleem Mily Asaani Sy”, that promote education and essentials for the children living in backward village areas. Paid Promotions’ strategy on facebook has been widely used.

8. Shahid Afridi Foundation

SAF updated its cover video with tagline, “Ap ki Zakat sy Hum Zayda logon ki khidmat kar sakty sy”.

Posted by Shahid Afridi Foundation on Saturday, May 4, 2019

9. Read Foundation

NGO Read Foundation working in Kashmir & Gilgit Baltistan launched its campaign “Inky Sath Mehrbani Taleem Hay”, focusing on education for orphans. For the very first time, Read Foundation appeared on Twitter and launched succeful twitter trend.

10. Justajoo

Justajoo ranked itself higher this ramadan in the list of NGOs with its creative social media marketing strategies. Campaign for Balochistan has got viral with low budget and Justajoo generated leads through facebook and instagram promotions.


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