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How universities are using Digital Marketing to get admissions?

How universities are using Digital Marketing to get admissions?

Digitalization in the educational sector

It’s the season of change. You the youth of Pakistan just finished hardcore exams and are taking a step forward in life. And no one wants to start this new experience with a wrong foot. A new institute, a new place, a new experience. With so many different options to choose from. And yet leaving the comfort of your house still seems like a hard task and visiting every university seems impossible. So you turn to the best guide you have “The Internet”, who has become the biggest search platform for all and the educational sector is no different.

With their home pages only a click away and all the information you need in a single tab. Helping you through your difficult time of decision and giving you a variety of options to choose from. Launching educational campaigns, and using different online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and google etc. To spread their message and the services they have to offer.

With the help of digital marketing educational sector makes their name bigger in the world of millions.

 Some of the best practices for digital marketing in the education sector are below.

1. To Create or Update a Website

Website is primary for online presence with any sort of business including the education sector. Making and updating a website is the first step in the run of making an online presence. Majority of universities in Pakistan have updated the admission details on their websites. The website explains what special and important things the educational sectors are offering to the audience and not only they do it to motivate students but to also gain their trust of the students, family and faculty. This website works as a solution for the possible questions that everyone have. The web page is made effective the educational sector by making it mobile optimized, as there are more of mobile internet users.

2. Maintain Blogs

Blogging is the platform of digital marketing that attracts a lot of audiences and hence are greatly used by the education sectors. Blogs are used as a sources of various information and knowledge. A regular blog with education elements and current affairs attracts the students. The blog is not only used to promote the institute but also to motivate the students as well as faculty to learn, write and share their information. It helps to attain high standards in the industry through attracting prospects as well as motivating students. Involvement of faculty and students in writing the blog will be advantageous to get the new content regularly. The education blogs are mainly targeted for students, they must provide information about trending topics, to keep the students interested and to make the institute worthy.

The recent admission campaign of UMT 2019 has been greatly sucessfull . Ticking all the boxes leading to a victorious admission campaign . From using every possible tool and equipment to great organization in all social media platforms alike . The efforts UMT put into conducting a admission campaign of such standards resulted in a great response from the audience and to a huge increase in their admission rate over the year.

3.Engage through Social Media

Social media is popular and most followed, it gives advantage in the promotions department. Educational sectors use it to promote the institute through useful and quality content by targeting the social media communities of parents, students and faculty will be advantageous. Unlike traditional marketing channels, it engages in two-way conversation. Different social media channels which are useful to reach more students are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. are used. They help to reduce the student acquisition cost. Through social marketing, educational sectors not only can reach the audience but also can showcase the different side of the institution, in a friendly manner. The social platform allows the audience to directly interact with the management and find solutions for any queries. Since it is a two-way approach, management can also approach the student as well as parents personally and convince them for conversion.

4. Promoting through Paid Channels

 Search and display ad campaigns are the useful ways to market the educational institutions. Through Google AdWords, the educational sector can run ad campaigns targeting a specific audience and specific locations. Another advantage for educational institutions with ad campaigns is that we can run them whenever there is a necessity. For example, season between the completion and start of the academic year. The chance of lead generation is more through ad campaigns on YouTube, Facebook and other digital platforms, as they lead the audience to data capture forms on the website. It is the effective way to drive more traffic to website and cost-effective way for student acquisition. Educational sectors increase the Usage of relevant and best keywords that help in increasing number of impressions.

Hashage – A Digital Marketing Agency with solution for Education Industry

5. Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most cost-effective way used by educational sectors to reach a number of prospects. Mail content acts like a key for the solution of audiences’ requirement. The initial step is the creation of separate email lists for each category of target customers i.e. students, parents and as per course specifications and batches. The message is effective and precise. A great title line is used as a catchy element. Email are mobile friendly so they are used by the educational sector to engage more audience

6. Manage Online Reputability Online reputation management

It really matters for a business much equal to profits. Educational sector builds an online reputation by maintaining best blog contents, campus videos, testimonials from achievers and great inspirational personalities, alumni feedback, faculty interviews, successful researchers, campus news will help to attain audience attention. Creating interest in the mind of the audience that leads to a better online reputation. By implementing digital marketing in their work, the educational sector has increased online reputation for their institutes

Hence proven that even the educational sector is utilizing tool of digital marketing to get more admissions, better PR and offcourse revenue.


Hashage is a digital marketing agency to promote your brand and engage with your audience, or as a vehicle for lead generation, we elevate the process to gain traffic, attract new customers, and elevate your online presence with best social media management.

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